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*dreams of Tom*

Hey. I'm new to this community.. obviously. I've been a fan of Blink 182 and Tom for a while now. And I'll admit.. I'm a bit obsessed. *blushes* But there are two things I did not know before joining this community. 1) The fact that he paints his left hand nails black. Believe it or not but I do the same thing. I paint only my left hand because okay it's too hard to paint my right hand nails. Hah. But usually I don't use black nailpolish. I prefer black sharpie marker :-D and 2) He was married May 26.. on my birthday. *gasp* A little scary thinking I was 11 but.. yeah.

I read those two things and being the dork I am started freaking out. *blushes* Go ahead make fun of me. Then again probably everyone here is obsessed with Tom too so you probably wouldn't make fun of me. Okay I'm rambling. Yeah well.. a few more pointless things.. my favorite Blink song is Degenerate (nude in a gutter is how I was found). My favorite Blink album is Dude Ranch (the best). My favorite Blink video is All The Small Things (yay for parodies) or What's My Age Again? (um.. duh!) Well that's it.. thanks for reading.

*The Entire Government Is Part Of A Conspiracy

p.s. I have no life so if I post here a lot don't get scared. :-D
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