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hotpants182's Journal

All Things Tom
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This community is made especially for Tom DeLonge but feel free to talk about anything pop-punk releated.
Be offensive, make people mad, go ahead!

Thomas Matthew DeLonge a.k.a. "Hot Pants"


Basic Info

MARITAL STATUS: Married to Jennifer Jenkins on May 26, 2001
BORN: December 13, 1975
BLINK 182 RELATION: Singer/Guitar Player
RESIDES: Encinitas, CA
PET: German shepherd named Grey
IN HIS SPARE TIME: hangs out with his wife

Quick Bio

Tom (full name: Thomas Matthew Delonge) was born in December 13, 1975 in Poway, California. His dad's name is Tom, an energy company executive, and his mother's name is Connie, a real estate agent. He has a sister, Kari, and a brother, Shon. He attended Poway High School in California, and he once got expelled for a year for drinking alcohol (but he never smoked) . He was once voted homecoming king by his friends to piss of administrators because they all hated him. After school, he worked at a place called Gary's Chicken and Ribbs in his home town Poway. He even apperared in the movie "Idle Hands" as a fast-food employee, he wears a sombrero, but he only has one line…

He is the one who formed the group called originally "Blink" (he chose "Blink" because he says he likes short verbs...),and he’s the guitarist and vocalist of the group... He also claims to have a really big obsession with aliens (he actually claims that they are here among us, and that he bought a computer just to look for U.F.O’s…), and that is where the song "Aliens Exist" came from. He also believes that he has "been abducted and probed in the anus... on purpose".
He has 8 tatoos, and a lip piercing. He paints his nails in his left hand in black color.

He married Jennifer Jenkins in May of 2001 with whom he had a cute little girl named Ava which was born on monday July 15th 2002. Jennifer got really mad when she heard the lines in "Dumpweed" : "I need a girl that I can train…". In his spare time, he hangs around with her…

Tom's favorite CD of all time is Less Talk, More Rock by Propaghandi, and his favorite movies are: Karate Kid, Back To The Future Trilogy, Die hard Trilogy, Braveheart and Last Of The Mohicans. He says that he works out everyday he is on tour…His band nickname is "Hot Pants"…
© Aliens-Exist.net

Favorite Records

1. The Descendents - Milo Goes To College
2. Propagandhi - Less Talk, More Rock
3. Fugazi - Repeater+3 Songs
4. NOFX - Punk In Drublic
5. Pennywise - Unkwon Road
6. Jimmy Eat World - Static Prevails
7. Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material
8. Far - Water & Solutions
9. Beastie Boys - Pauls Boutique


"If a person has brains, they probably don't listen to our music. If a person has any pride or any kind of family values, chances are they probably don't listen to us."

"Our take on punk is really just fun: it's fun to offend people and do what we want to. But it isn't that offensive. We make music for ourselves and everybody else who gets it. It's a lifestyle scene. If you don't get it you don't have to listen."

"I wet myself at night when I'm asleep, just like everybody.....I spy on my dad when he's taking a shower just like everybody else in this world.....we're not just a joke band."


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